About Us

Hi and welcome to Sugah Shop! Here at Sugah we make all of our sweets only after you order them to guarantee you're getting the freshest possible pastry. That's how we prefer eating it and see no reason you can't have fresh pastry, made to order, from our oven to your door.

I started my first business (Nola Pie Guy) in New Orleans after attending the French Pastry School in Chicago. Shortly after friends started moving but still wanted fresh pastries delivered to their door. So we decided to give that a go and are launching our online bakery. No Brick and mortar, no day old pastries being shipped out, no limited menus. You are our customer and this is our bakery. We welcome (read: encourage/ beg and plead for) suggestions/ requests and feedback! As a new business we will be adding new products and trying out new recipes as time passes. 

Check back often as we will be adding new and seasonal products on a regular basis. 

We live, work in, and love New Orleans. That being said,  we believe you're hometown has equally memorable sweets that you grew up eating. We'd love to hear about them! Please send us any pastries that remind you of home that you would like to see sold online (ideally ones that can be shipped) and We'll see what we can do on our end to add it to our growing repertoire of sweets.